Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out and About...

Little Timmy and I did a spur of the moment coffee run down to Pepin. Saturday was predicted to be the only good day of the week. Weren't a lot of others bikes out there, but a handful of Beemer guys, a Gold Wing or two, and a few sport bike jockeys. I guess 45 degrees keeps a lot of riders at home. The Aerostich and a heated vest definitely help on the cooler days, and so did my new fleece long undie bottoms. I had to give them a test run, and honestly, I would have been fine without them. (Underneath the vest, I only wore a t-shirt and a long sleeve UnderArmor knock off. It kept me warm, but the ride home my forearms got cold. I don't retain heat very well, so I was happy with the results and could have ridden all day long in that set up.) Timmy and I were the only takers at the Great River cafe, and we even sat outside. A few others trickled by on Hwy. 35, but no one stopped by to exchange the usual war stories. As Little Timmy and I talked; here is the official IronWorks prediction: August was wet and cool; September was hot and dry; October has been simply crap. It seems that based on that pattern every other month has been decent, so that stands to reason that November will bring weather conducive to good riding. Don't put the bikes away just yet.

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