Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Lucky Cat Lounge...

We didn't actually go there for Thanksgiving,(we've got our grandma's for that) but for a little pre-Thanksgiving cheer the night before. Whilst quaffing down an assortment of beers (and the Lucky Cat does have a great selection of micro brews: Bud drinkers need not apply), we talked of plans for next year's Walt Ride 2010. On the table are rides to Eureka Springs, Ark.; twisty roads of Minnesota's Arrowhead region, or the South Dakota Black Hills. The IronWorks executive planning committee will have its work cut out making a choice as all are great riding options. No doubt, Walt himself would agree. Anyway of important note is that the weekend of Dec 5th, we are going to brew up a special batch of beer with a lot of rye; we'll think of a good name and make it the official beer of the IronWorks club. Brewmaster Christian is the man with the plan. Stand by for details. And Little Timmy, we missed you last night.


  1. I missed you guys too.
    Li'l Timmy

  2. "Girl on a Motorcycle" should be here on Friday.


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