Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sprint GT. Berry, Berry Nice....

Little Timmy and I made the trip to Motoprimo on Saturday to test ride the newly re-designed Sprint GT. Though the test ride was nice (go ahead and take it for as long as you want, so said the salesman... :) We were in it for the free t-shirt because we are such whores for free motorcycle t-shirts. Personally, I liked it. Similar feel to my 2000 Sprint, but way more refined, and more comfortable. Another bike to add to my short list of bikes (that I'll never be able to afford to by anytime soon.... Let's where should we start: the new BMW 1000RR; Triumph Daytona 675; and adventure bike of some kind... and on and on and....) Anyway, the IronWorks crew was there live and in person... Enjoy this cheesy camera phone image.

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