Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OK, we got about a month to go for Walt Ride....

Here, again, is the official ride agenda:

Thursday, June 14 - Depart RW. Rally point for departure Caribou Coffee - Hwy. 61 @ 0630.For those of you who are traveling from out-of-town locations, you'll need to be here on June 13. I can provide a bed, and secure motorcycle parking with 24-hour security (my dogs will sleep in the garage.)
Destination: Gettysburg, SD.

Friday, June 15 - Gettysburg, SD to Custer, SD (Blackhills) via Hwy. 212 to see the Ben Ash Monument. (I did my homework and know who he is and why there's a memorial to him in the middle of fooking nowhere.)

Saturday, June 16 - Custer, SD. Ride roads around the Black Hills area.

Sunday, June 17 - Custer, SD - Ride big loop out to Devils Tower. Watch for UFOs and Richard Dreyfuss lookalikes.

Monday, June 18 - Head back east; stay somewhere in Souix Falls (High school lawn will do)

Tuesday, June 19 -Souix Falls to home.

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  1. awesome thanks for that guys.
    Let me know what route you are coming over on- Probably I90 and I will meet you as I plan to stay in Mankato 6/13.



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