Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walt Ride departure details... pay attention

Here are the important things to know:

Leave Caribou in Red Wing at 7:00am.
- Have enough fuel for 100 miles.

- Show up earlier if you want to BS and drink coffee.

Meet at Emma Krumbee's in Bell Plaine at 9:00am.

- Have breakfast.

- Emma Krumbee's about 40 miles north of Mankato on Hwy 169, at the intersection with Hwy 3.

- There will be signs. If you found your way out of your mother's womb, you can find Emma Krumbee's.

Leave Emma Krumbees at 10:00am.

- Then we fuel up and RIDE!

Random notes:
It is 322 miles from Henderson to Gettysburg, SD. With a large group like we have, that will take all day. Figure 50 mph average speed, we'll need 6.5 hours to get to Gettysburg, should be there around 5pm. Gettysburg is still in CST, so no timezone freebies until the next day. Sunset is at 21:28 that day, If things get really screwed up that gives us 4.5 hours leeway until it is dark. Around 8pm we'll be riding into a sun low on the horizon and that sucks ass, thus the earlier departure.

This is a travel day. We are saving the touristy stuff for the ride home, when we're a bit more tired. We'll stop for a break every 75 miles or so, just to see how the gang is doing, get fuel, empty coffee, etc. I'm tempted to stick to gas station snacks (or bring your own) instead of lunch, to avoid the expense and time of stopping for an extended lunch. This will also prevent that "falling asleep after a meal" thing, and then we can plan on a decent dinner in Gettysburg

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