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Umbrella girls and bikes from Indy

Trials competition, a ride and a race....

Packed a lot into a Sunday. It started with a cup a joe at Caribou, and off to Pierce County Road O for the Upper Midwest Trials Association meet near the Trimbelle Creek recreation area. I'd never been to one of these before and it was interesting and fun to watch. Trials is not about grinding speed, squiggly corners, or whoop-de-whoops. It's about motorcycle dexterity: laying out a plan of attack, being patient and riding over obstacles with a huge dose of balance. All this on a motorcycle with no seat. After a couple of hours knocking around the competition site, I managed to get a few miles on the backroads before meeting Christian for afternoon coffee in Pepin.  After visiting a while, backroads to Red Wing and to Rob's for Moto GP-Brno. Exciting race; Pedrosa again. Not an entirely bad way to spend a later summer Sunday.

Scenes from the Cycle World Rolling Concours

Where else, but at the Indy Moto GP 2012, of course.

Random Indy photos....


Indy by the numbers: part 2

Facts and figures:

GP Winner - Dani Pedrosa

Aging-tarted-up hookers encountered - 4

traveling insurance adjusters partied with - 1

Airline pilots partied with - 1 (he, too, was attending the race)

Indian hotel magnets introduced to: 1 (and he was from either Florida or New Jeresey. He talked fast.)

Expressos consumed at Ducati Island by four people over three days - 953

People Rob talked to: 17,438

Italian Super Models spotted - 1

Gin and Tonics consumed - 953

American racers entered in the GP - 5

Predominent color of Ducati motorcycle - red

Free t-shirts scammed - 0

People who got sick from eating at the Indianapolis Denny's - 1 out of 4

Hotel water glasses accidently broken - 0

Hotel water glasses accidently brought home - 1

Buckets of ice used to keep beer cold - 38

Italians who ignored us - 54

People from our group smuggled into the paddock area - 1

Cost of a Foster's Lager at the track - $7

We survived Indy, and we're here to tell you about it.

It appeared to be an omninous start to the Ironworks GP weekend when a wheel bearing on the transport vehicle decided that it had enough; loose and wonky was not part of deal for this trip. Thank God there was an Acura dealer on the outskirts of Rockford, Ill., because it otherwise could have been a long walk through corn country searching for an elusive Honda dealer (Hey, boy, we don't drive no Japanese cars here, you understand? Cue banjo music in background.) Three fun-filled hours later, thanks to an entertaining stroll through the local farm and fleet store where one plastic gorilla was purchased, we were on our way none the worse for wear; the exception being Rob's wallet.
     But we made Indy in good measure and discovered our home for the weekend to be an aging Radisson right next to Runway 7 of Indianapolis International.Once comfortably settled into room 657, it twas not long before discovering the Pilot Skyway Lounge at the end of the hall. Hmmmm, this could be of …

Speedfreaks, umbrella girls, gin&tonics and total mayhem await

Tighten your socks and batten down the hatches, because as of Thursday, it's on. A delegation of representatives from the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club will be sent to the Redbull Moto GP weekend in fabulous Indianapolis, Ind., which by the way, hosts the finest array of used tire stores across the fruited plains. (It's also HQ to the Pork Fritter Association of America). As it stands, we have yet to see anything on two wheels move faster than a Moto GP bike shooting down the front stretch of America's most fabled racing venue. It'll make your hair stand on end; it's like watching the devil hisself chasing down sinners. Not kidding, neither. No sir.  Days at the track will be capped off by the usual suspects causing the usual mayhem under the sloppy spell of Schlitz tallboys; disproportionately mixed G&T's and crappy bourbon. Tim will be making a new dance video for sure; just key in the buzz phrase,"Wud up with dat?" Though we're staying …

The last burrito....

Today marks an end of an era for the IronWorks Motorbike Club; our pre-ride gathering breakfast/coffee haunt, Smokey Row Cafe, closed today. We ritualistically gathered here generally before every weekend ride to get fueled up on high octane coffee (Smokey Row Blend could give you a good case of the shakes after three cups on an empty stomach) and the world's best breakfast burrito. Today, I had my last of both. And though Smokey Row will re-open in some new guise on Aug. 27, we're sad to see the present incarnation go. It's meant a lot to us to sit there and talk shop, politics, the latest and greatest bike or riding gadget for countless hours in an environment that was laid-back, and open to all walks of life; especially the motley group from the IronWorks Motorbike Club. General Manager Ruth did an admiral job of running Red Wing's best place to go for breakfast and lunch. We will especially miss her baked goods (killer Norwegian health bread. And Christian couldn&#…