Monday, October 8, 2012

Motorcycle Movie Night Returns

Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the first Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club's inagural Motorcycle Movie Night. (As you may remember, the premere was attended in Bill's basement by Clark Gable and Buddy Hackett.) Without further ado, and by order of the executive committee upon high, here are the official dates for the Winter 2012-13 Motorcycle Movie Night (Traditionally the 2nd Saturday of the month.) The first two dates have been cherry picked already. And for those of you who are gonna say, "Hey what's up with Dec. 8, Feb. 9, and March 9. That can't be the second Saturday of the month..." Well, my friend, they are. And that's just the way it is, Bubba. Now shut up and go sit in your corner.

Nov. 10 - Tim

Dec. 8 - Bill

Jan. 12 - ?

Feb. 9 - ?

March 9 - ?

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