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Goes without saying.....

Goodbye Lemmy

Motorcycle Movie Night installment No. 3 is Jan. 9

at Paul Jr's. Rumor is that he is feverishly looking for the best motorcycle flick ever. Fun starts at 7 p.m. And since there have been many questions about dates and places, etc., for Walt Ride 2016 (it's Nebraska, remember?) the executive committee will hash out all  the gory details pertaining to the upcoming event. Tim has  been thoughtful enough to provide the following links about his ol' stomping grounds.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Good Gawd. Ironworks  Motorbike Club holiday salutations delivered  by the one and only James Brown.  Uhhhhh.

Random pre-Xmas photo of the day

Saw the new Star Wars movie last night.....

May the force be with you.

Riding season officially opens tomorrow...

Or, if you are like rest of  us suffering through the ill effects of el-nino (har har har), you've  probably never put your bike away. Whatev. Anyhooo, today is the shortest day of the year and that means the days start getting longer tomorrow. And that means more daylight, Bubba, Here at the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club garage in sunny downtown Red Wing, we officially recognize the first day of spring as tomorrow; and hence, the commencement of the new riding season. No, there is nothing in our Kool-aid except a copious amount of vodka. If you don't like our way of thinking, then go take your snowmobile for a ride (another har har har). Others in the world agree with us.  For proof, go to link:

Officially endorsed event; Sonny Knight and the Lakers

At the beautiful Sheldon Theater in downtown Red Wing; Jan. 16. Get yer tickets now.

I finally got my new phone to "do stuff"

Thanks to the brain trust that showed up at Motorcycle Movie Night. And I also hooked up with Google Hangouts this AM. Wow, such inspiration.

Tonight's Motorcycle Movie Night is brought to you by.....

Rush River Brewing, the unofficial  beer of the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club in Red Wing, MN, riding all kinds of motorcycle shit since 1949.

All the rumors are true

Motorcycle Movie Night is this Saturday at Bill's; 7 p.m. starts the social hour.  And don't forget about the while elephant gift exchange; why that's the perfect time to give away that old, worn out Dunlop that's been sitting around ye olde garage. Who wouldn't want take that home? Fair Marie is cooking up some vittles, snacks and she said something about a cake. Otherwise, bring what you will, Willis.

I-Cycle Derby

Might as well start the New Year in riding mode:

Mission accomplished

When I brought home the new Tiger 800 last January, my goal was to ride in every month of 2015. Nailed December this afternoon under blue skies and a temp that was a balmy 38-degrees.  A stupid thing to shoot for? Probably. But it just goes to prove that riding motorcycles can be viable even in the "chilly" months. Don't let nobody tell you otherwise, got that? Good. Previously, I have ridden every in month but not 12 months consecutively or within a single-calendar year. Celebratory libations provided by Red Hook's Long Hammer IPA. By the way, the forecast for the rest of the week will be calling for "above average" temps. Yeah buddy, that's what I'm talking 'bout.

Random motorcycle photo of the day

Sure it's snowy-rainy mess now...

but it's gonna be pushing 40+ degrees by the weekend; what a way to knock off December as a month you've ridden a motorcycle. Naysayers crow that it couldn't be done; neighbors think you are crazy; the dog won't even look you in the eye. Haters be hatin'. This is your chance to stick it to the man.

Random Motorcycle picture of the day

Nothing sez Black Friday like......

a Wall of Death video and a pirate photo.

I got nothing else to post, so what the hell....

Happy Thanksgiving.

It's a balmy 19 degrees at the Red Wing International Airport

and this is the first cold snap of the fall/winter season thus far. There is some mop-up yard work to do today; the Vikes-Packers game is on tomorrow and I am guessing there probably won't be a ride in the works this weekend. But we're still hopeful for another warm up next week. We love that El Nino shit around here. My quest to ride every consecutive month in Minnesota has now officially been achieved but why stop now? In the meantime, enjoy a few random motorcycle pictures.

Finally..... We made the big time.

Check out page 56 of the latest Rider's Wearhouse Catalog supplement (due in yer mailbox any day) published by Aerostich. Yep, it's members of your friendly, neighborhood Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club in a dog pile at the Ben Ash Monument in western South Dakota. Of course, shot during an epic Walt Ride a couple of years back. Bask in the glory; the moment is ours. (Ignore the two schmoes on the Beemer to the right; no clue who they are.)

This might be unprecedented....

We have Motorcycle Movie Night on Saturday and the forecast for Sunday is - hell yes - sunshine and a high of 60 degrees. For Nov. 15? WTF? What better way to kick off Motorcycle Movie Night than a follow up ride the next day. Unless you get super shitty at the movie and have a nasty hangover the night before, the ride is on.

Random Motorcycle Picture of the Day

Crocktails and motorsickle movies?

Yep, it's the first movie night of the 2015-16 season and it's at Little Timmy's on Saturday. Man up and tell yer wife your going out to do man-stuff with Uncle Buzzy and his pals. You can do the dishes and  clean up dog crap on Sunday.


Just because....

This safety message brought to you by....

Evil Knievel. Say whut?

Throwback Thursday

It's Jenn on her Magma......

Did he? Didn't he?

The web has virtually exploded over the Rossi-Marquez incident at Sepang this past weekend. Conspiracy theories abound. Was there a shadowy man in a trench coat near the Grassy Knoll? Was it the MIC? (Motorcycle Industrial Complex). Was there a toe tap? Fondling? Tom Foolery? Hi-jinx and shenanigans?

Go here for the latest in public opinion:

Better yet, sign the petition: Power to the people.

Throwback Thursday.....

And it's Little Timmy on a Honda 350. And it's an old Polaroid, too.

Random Motorcycle photo of the day.

And it's Euro Girl's birthday, too.

Motorcycle Movie Night: 2015-16 schedule.

Nov. 14 - Tim
Dec. 12 - Bill
Jan. 9- Paul W.
Feb. 13 - Rob
March 12 - Christian

And Scot may host a special edition movie night in the garage at some random date during the winter.
Start time is 7 p.m.

Strange things are afoot at Needless Markup

You too can ride with Keanu Reeves on a two-day motorcycle adventure in SoCal. Pony up, bitches; you not only get the trip, but that measly $150 grand also fetches a Harley-Cloney-Cafe-Looky bike. It's all in the Neiman Marcus Xmas 2015 catalog. Go buy some of that shit for yourself now.

Keanu Reeves

Guy Martin on Guy Martin

Update on his post Ulster crash. He is getting invited to next year's Big Burn.
And link to buy Guy Martin stuff.

Don't tell yer mom you learned this here

Wheelies made easy. Remember, it's all in the posture.

Scenes from the Octofest/Big Burn......

Burt? Burt Munro?

Shall be one for the ol' fire pit tomorrow eve.

What? Little Timmy going cruiser?

Rumors afoot. To be discussed fire side tomorrow eve.

It's the final countdown....

... to  Octofest/Big Burn 2015. Sorry, could not help myself by posting this.

Th Th Th Throwback Tursday, right here.

Look at these two yahoos. Wildcat Mountain on some fall ride a while back.

A couple of Crud Run things.....

Rob was there Sunday in the flesh and captured these interesting items.