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Triumph e-mag here.....

Makes me feel all manly about my new/old Tiger 800XC. Who wants to juggle chainsaws and hand grenades with me?

Random Motorcycle Picture of the day.....

Motorcycle Movie Night Febuary

At Scot's on Feb. 21. Bring what you will for bevies and the whatnot. Tim will do a special dance for all who give him a nickel, too.

Random Motorcycle picture of the day

Deer, dogs, left hand turns at intersections by old ladies in Buicks and now this?

One more hazard to be aware of. No kidding. Story here for the details.

We like motorsickles

And we like beer, and lots of it. And we get so excited when some regional brewers get recognized.

There is a new kitty in the house.....

Tiger 800XC. Matte Khaki Green. With some farkles. Yeah baby.

'Tis official....

Bikes to be sold: if you know of anyone interested in a 2000 Triumph Sprint or 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R, let me know. I got 'em for sale.
That is all.

The best of Rob