Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Motorcycle Photo of the day

From the Minneapolis Ton-Up Spring Social a couple of years back. The show is this Saturday at Club Jager in Minneapolis. What the heck, we'll run two today.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Take a moment today

to reflect this Memorial Day. We don't get too sentimental around here very often but surely everyone of us knows someone who has served in the armed forces or has given their life to preserve what we usually take for granted daily. Motorcycling is among that list. I saved this picture for today. I try to make it to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona at least a couple of times a year to pay my respects to Stephen Taylor; he is the only American Revolutionary War soldier buried in the state of Minnesota. Fought in the Battle of Ticonderoga in 1777, Taylor later migrated west and settled in the Money Creek area south of Winona. He died in 1857, according to the grave site. If you ever visit Woodlawn, the grave is near the front entrance and cannot be missed and is surely worth a visit.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's raining.

Only so much bike stuff you can do; enjoy this random motorcycle picture of the day. With a book and a bourbon, of course.

Ton-Up Spring Social in Mpls.....

Here is a plan for Saturday, May 30.....

1) 11 AM coffee at Caribou.
2) 12 PM depart Pretty RW.
3) 1 PM arrive in Pretty Minneapolis.
4) Hang out at Club Jager for Spring Social; make-up stories that have absolutely no truth to them whatsoever; watch bikes and stuff.
5) Perhaps a visit to Dayblock Brewing down the street to harass my child who works there.
6) Return to RW; further cocktails somewhere.

Riding alone

So I had the chance to ride down the Minnesota side of the river yesterday. With some planning, you can put together a darn entertaining route between here and Iowa. I had the chance to ride mostly alone and I rather enjoyed it. Sure, it's fun to ride in a group (so long as everyone is on the same page with riding skills, etc.) But there is something in the self sufficiency of riding by yourself. You can go as fast or slow as you'd like; you can stop and see stuff you ordinarily just blow past on usual group rides; bomb down a gravel road or two; (I've got an ADV bike now and I had never taken the exit off Hwy. 61 for the Snake Creek Trail south of Kellogg, MN. The trail is definitely geared for dirt bikes but it was fun to ride the gravel road all the way to Hwy. 42.) You can talk to people, you can ignore people. You can join a pack of other riders or blow 'em off. Wave; don't wave. In the spirit of riding alone, here is the suggestion: pick a day with no time limits; don't tell your friends or family where you are going; leave the stupid GPS at home. Fuel up, pick a direction and see where you land.

Walt Ride packing tips.....

From Christian.

Monday, May 18, 2015

So this is what Pikes Peak looks like from the seat

Brought to you by Cycle World:
(Technical difficulties and probably a copyright or two prevent this from being posted via You Tube. Man up, Nancy;you can handle clicking the link.)

Things to note:
Pucker Factor 1: Lots o' coniferous bearing trees very, very close to the side of the road on the lower portion of the course. Lots o' hard boulders (as opposed to the soft ones around here) very, very close to the road over the entire length of the course.
Pucker Factor 2: It's a long way down once you've launched yourself over the side of the mountain.

Anyway, enjoy this greatest hits crash compilation.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Walt Ride '15 countdown....

June 5 is departure for the 109th annual Walt Ride: 19 days and counting. Here is the plan: Tim wants a sendoff from school as he is retiring. He wants us to be at the Burnside parking lot at noon. If you want to swill coffee first, be at Caribou RW at 1045. Otherwise be gassed and ready to roll. Agenda is as follows:

June 5: to Fond Du Lac; Sleep on Mark's lawn
June 6: AHRMA races at Road America
June 7: New Glarus: twisties
June 8:  New Glarus: twisties
June 9; head home: twisties.

Official headcount thus far is:
Thor (?)
Best book ever to read.

Random Motorcycle Picture of the Day

Friday, May 15, 2015

'Tis sad but true. Little Timmy is retiring.

What a load of bullshit. He ain't sad and neither is the rest of us. But he is retiring after 99 years in the teaching profession. (All the kids that turned out to be criminals were in his classrooms over the years.) Anyhow, come to the retirement blow out at Little Timmy's Voodoo Lounge on June 13. Why, that's right after the Walt Ride, I tell ya. Get totally wasted on Tim's dime. I am working the bar and the cocktails will be strong and ample. (Drink efficiently, my friends)

This post endorsed by these bad-ass chicks who will be at Tim's retirement party and will beat you senseless if you do not follow their demands.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Red Wing gets a wine bar, and Minneapolis gets this......

A new restaurant named Cafe Racer Kitchen. It ain't fair sometimes. Like when I asked for the Evil Knievel stunt cycle for Christmas and got Play-Doh instead. Who the hell wants  Play-Doh for Christmas? Will probably need to do a swing by on the way to the Ton Up Club's Spring Social on May 30.

Go here:

This post officially approved by the Evil Knievel stunt cycle.

Indianhead Motorcycle Club hill climb coming up

So your lovely wife wants to visit Red Wing and buy pottery on the weekend of May 30-31; duck out on her ass and go do man stuff: motorsickle hillclimbing. Say what, say what? You got it right, bub; motorcycle hillclimbing. Prepare to get thyself dirty. Since 1949 there's been a motorsickle hillclimb in Pretty Red Wing, all of it put on by the Indianhead Motorcycle Club. Go here for link and schedule: Man up or be stuck holding yer wife's purse.

This post officially endorsed by Festus Gunderson.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More stuff from other places....

Sure, we pilfer a headline or two, especially if it comes with a link to a good story, photos, riding tips,  or a grand tale about a motorsickle trip to the outer regions of the Yukon Jungle. (Can say for sure I am not going there anytime soon.) And we need to rely on interesting things to come our way because the boss pays for shit around here. So without further ado, here is a good read on old school Triumph's....

This post endorsed  by the friendless Freddie Gage.

Postin' pictures; it's what we do, and we do it well

More from the Slimey Crud Run......

Monday, May 4, 2015

The argument for gear.....

Gear. It's what will save yer bacon.

More fun stuff ahead....

May 30 - Ton Up Minneapolis Spring Social at Clubhouse Jager in Minneapolis. Lot's o' cafe bikes, old stuff and thank the Lord, not a lot of Harley's. (Don't they have somewhere else to ride that Saturday? Ark ark ark ark... Just kidding. We like the old ones.)

May 29-31 - Hiawatha BMW Owners Club of Minnesota rally in Money Creek, MN.

Beemers and other adventure type bikes welcome. Great area to ride around,  too.

More from the Crud Run....

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Cafe Racer Run in photos....

These, from today's spring run from Pine Bluff to Leland, Wisc.

And nice tribute for Junior Sprecher, the owner of Sprecher's Bar in Leland, who passed away last month.....embraced the Slimey Crud Run from the early years.

It ain't Father's Day....

Unless yer kids brought you to the Blind Lizard rally on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis. A few from yesterday's gathering. We ran into s...