Sunday, August 2, 2015

Moto Mania '15; crusty, dusty and dirty.

So you reserve the dirt track at the Steele County Fairgrounds, let people know and wait to see who shows up. That is pretty much the idea behind Moto Mania. It's not a race, just  an opportunity to rip around a dirt half mile with whatever you rode. Chopper? No problem. Sportbike? No problem. Mid 70's Honda CB550? Hey, noooo problemo. Ironworks Motorbike Club reps Tim, Rob and Bill were there to check out. Here is what we saw:

Tim sorta rips around the track. It was lumpy in the corners. Kinda like Tim: lumpy.

At some point, a Go-Pro video will be posted here.

Army reserve psy-ops unit showed up with Humvees and the coolest baddest ass set of speakers ever.

The infield with the continuous ring of dust

Inside the Ironworks Compound

This guy did haul ass on some old Triumph

Bar in a box made everyone happy...

....Especially this guy who enjoys a martini in the shade.

Somebody left a little something for Rob on his seat

Not to be confused with Heartbreak Motor Oil. Can you hear me, Warren?

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  1. Moto Mania was super-fun... and I have a Trav-L-Bar too. I need to use that thing more often.


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