Friday, November 11, 2016

It's not every day you get to park your ass upon a rare motorcycle...

But today was THAT day. Details of which we will not go into (no, it's not stolen...), a very rare Honda NR showed up in pretty ol' Red Wing. It was in need of some attention and an ex-AMA guy from Florida was flown in to get this 750 roaring again. I was happy at the chance to get some photo time with the bike but was limited to this location as the bike is not road legal. The NR race program goes back to the late 1970s but this example designed for the street is from 1992.It's famous for its oval pistons and eight valves per. Depending on what you find on the internet, Honda made approximately 300 examples of the bike, which retailed for a whooping $50,000. Most of these bad boys went straight away into collections, one would guess. Talk is, that this example may be the only one in the US of A. This bike is amazing when you see it right in front of you, and it sounds righteous. Here is a link with a good history of the NR. Enjoy the pics.

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From the Dept. of Late

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