Thursday, November 17, 2016

Triumph Bobber revealed...

...last night in Minneapolis at Tattersall Distillery in good ol' Northeast Minneapolis. We were there for the coverage with the presidential election action-force news team (they got nothing else to do these days...) with cameras at the ready. No movie stars; no famous peeps, just a great crowd of Triumph lovers and the like taking a gander at the marquee's new Bobber offering. Did someone say free drinks and a t-shirt? Yep. Reason enough to go. By the way, it is a pretty damn cool bike.

No clue who this is, but she liked the Bobber.

Triumph brought along some other models, like the traditional Bonnie. Nice orange paint.

Cool bike but check out that giant still in the background.

Fit and finish... and paint.... is spectacular on these bikes.

What better place to have a bike gathering than a distillery. Pretty cool.

Tim contemplating the future of his BMW.

Super models posing with the riff-raff.

Unveiled 9 days ago, the new Scrambler.

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