Saturday, March 3, 2018

Winter riding, Popcycle Derby style

We did not finish in the top five but we certainly rounded up the rear of the field in the Glacial Lake Motorcycle Club's PopCycle Derby in Dennison today. There are competitors who show up with timing devices of all sorts, GPS, slide rules, sextants, graphing calculators, divining rods, and Norden bombing sights from B-17s. But not us. We go by guile driven by a sense of timing and direction, and the notion that "hey, we got this." And the reality is, that only gets you so far. No matter, it was, as usual, a swell time today in Dennison. Some pictures.

The winning side hack. Not piloted by Trump, however.

Little Timmy ready to launch

Pre-ride hi-jinks

Suiting up. It was colder than the predicted 50 degrees.

Fat tires. Yep, they work well on the snotty, frozen stuff

Duck tape is your friend.
Tim tried to steal this again for the second year in a row.

Last place; but I won a t-shirt

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