Thursday, November 8, 2018

From The Way Back Machine, Sherman

Depending on where your reality is, the "way back" is either from the fall of 2017 or 1965 in the bottom of a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota. A few newly discovered pictures from last year's North Dakota motorcycle trip to the fabulous town of Oakes. By the way, there is some pretty good riding out in that neck of the world, which by the way, wasn't all that far from the literal end-of-the world. I remember being told that North and South Dakota were considered as the "second" largest nuclear power. That scared the bejesus outta me in 8th-grade. (By 10th grade, I started drinking beer and no longer gave a shit.) Anyway, enjoy a few from last year's cruise.

Future suspension prototype for Honda GP bike?
 Not hardly.
Giant shock-absorber in the launch control area.
Stop things from going "kaboom."

Space Command?
 Buzz Lightyear at your service.
Don't crap in this zone. Not kidding.
 Hard to dump nuclear waste in a restroom the size of a '73 Ford Pinto's backseat.
And hardly as luxurious.

Who knew that it only took a house key to launch an ICBM?

The party zone of world-wide Armageddon. At least you get a comfortable seat.

Missile launch switches. BMW put something sorta like this on one of its bikes.

Where you go if you need nappy time at the end of the world.

Obviously the K-mart Martha Steward Collection was used to make the launch center "homey"

The Big Door: shut that bad boy and it's roaches check in but they don't check out.

They last crew of nuclear warriors still on the job 27 years after the missile site closed.

The above-ground support building. Would make a nice place for a B&B.

This post brought to you by Sherman.

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