Friday, July 12, 2019

And To Think We Saw It At Bauhaus

And we saw it all. Lots of bikes turned out for the Bauhaus Brew Labs vintage bike night, hosted during the second Thursday's of the month on these nice summer nights. Well attended with lots of different scoots, both young and old. Of course, there is great beer, too. A few pics from last night's action....

Vespa action. Pretty orange, too.

Who doesn't like a GS850? Don't see many of these around any more.

A very nice 70s CB750. Honda make this one again, please.

Cars too; a nice Alpha Romeo.

Nice Trumpet.

Plenty of Gootzie's, too.

Plenty o' bikes to see, coming and going.

Noice paint.

We dubbed this Jawa-the-hut.

Like bikes? Plenty were here.

Old, very, very old. BSA perhaps?

Even the German car makers showed up.

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