Sunday, December 1, 2019

Just Like Grandma's House....

...A good time was had be all. Good turn out last night at Parallel Cafe in Mpls. for Triumph to unveil a couple of bikes, catch up with friends old and new, discuss riding exploits of the past year and develop some plans for 2020. In pictures, here you go:

Wind, snow? Who cares. The masses came out.

The Usual Suspects.

Sorta like the red carpet at a Hollywood unveiling.

Not a great picture of the Scrambler itself, but this is what it
would look like if someone rode it to the event. (Except for green trees in background.)
Bike were all cool, but this was the interesting part of the evening: watching glass blowers in action.

Checking out the Bobber.

A revised version of the Street Triple. Artsy-fartsy picture.

Was it mentioned that Triumph did pretty well in Moto2 this year? Oh, it did, and will be back next year. I have the Daytona 765 on the Xmas list. Someone convince Fair Marie it is needed.... help a brother out.

My dog thinks this is his bike. And, yes, I do have dog named Bob.

Better Scrambler picture. Yep, on my Xmas list, too.  And probably this guy's as well.

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