Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Flood Run.....

It's amazing when you head off the beaten path, how the roads opened up wide. That's the scenario for Fall Flood Run 2009. Christian, Little Timmy and I, after loading up on lots O'Joe at the Smokey Row Cafe, rode into the vortex of Harley-dom. Crossing from Red Wing into Wisconsin, Hwy. 35 was already clogged with road pirates. As we moved south, it was only going to get worse. Following Christian's lead, we took to the ABC's where there is not much in the way of straight roads. As soon as we left Hwy. 35, it seemed like we had the whole state of Wisconsin to ourselves. Christian led with a vigorous pace. Little Timmy and I attempted to follow. After several milies of slicing and dicing, we rolled into Pepin, and our usual haunt, Great River Roasters. After refueling with caffiene, Christian and Little Timmy headed back and left me to my devices; which on this day was sitting curbside, bike watching. Rob soon joined up and so did the other regulars. Stories were swapped, anecdotes made, observations offered, etc., and before long, it was time to make tracks for home.

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