Sunday, October 18, 2009

This time of year, a lot riders start thinking about storing the bike for the year. For us, we think how much longer can we prolong our riding. Today was a prime example. It's been crappy weather-wise in pretty Red Wing. We had snow earlier in the week, and it stayed in the 30s and low 40s as the days drew closer to the weekend. Finally, the weatherman predicted a good day, and the mercury hit the low 60s this afternoon. It's where the temps should be this time of year. We think that Fall is really the best time to ride, and today was simply stellar. Some have been chased off from riding because of the past week; but today just inspires us to ride some more even as the shadows grow longer, and the days way shorter. I am inspired to say that there will be more days like this. And it will make those rides that much sweeter.

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