Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IronWorks Beer Day is Saturday....

Our man Christian is putting together some ingredients for the first-ever IronWorks sanctioned beer. Though some of us like our Manhattans, beer is a very good thing, too, and when Christian brews, it's some good stuff, and for this go round he's brewing up a hoppy American Red Ale with rye. Here is a schedule for Saturday, Dec. 5:

0900: Grind grains and heat mash water.
0930: Start mash. Clean fermentation carboy.
1000: Heat sparge water
1030: Finish mash, sparge
1100: Start boil
1200: Finish boil, start cooling
1230: Transfer cooled and aerated wort to carboy.
1300: Pitch yeast. Find lunch.

Dress warm, it all happens in the garage. Temps are predicted to be in the 30s. An excellent day for making beer.

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  1. Contributing to the dilenquency of a squrriel.


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