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IronWorks Beer Day is Saturday....

Our man Christian is putting together some ingredients for the first-ever IronWorks sanctioned beer. Though some of us like our Manhattans, beer is a very good thing, too, and when Christian brews, it's some good stuff, and for this go round he's brewing up a hoppy American Red Ale with rye. Here is a schedule for Saturday, Dec. 5:

0900: Grind grains and heat mash water.
0930: Start mash. Clean fermentation carboy.
1000: Heat sparge water
1030: Finish mash, sparge
1100: Start boil
1200: Finish boil, start cooling
1230: Transfer cooled and aerated wort to carboy.
1300: Pitch yeast. Find lunch.

Dress warm, it all happens in the garage. Temps are predicted to be in the 30s. An excellent day for making beer.


  1. Contributing to the dilenquency of a squrriel.


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