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Walt Ride 2010.....Screw Arkansas, we're going to Toledo....Yes

No, not really. But we are passing on Arkansas for reasons of logistics, planning, timing and the fact that I could not convince anyone else in the riding party to go to the Yo-Yo Ma Dinner Theater in nearby Branson, Mo. So, here is the skinny: after much soul searching, head scratching, and confouding expressions, the executive committee has decided to stay in-state for Walt Ride '10. We're heading north for the days of June 12 to 16 to do some serious back road blazing in the Nort' Woods of Minny-sota. We also figured we'd get far more quality road time in on the bikes as opposed to spending up to four days of slabbing it just to GET to Arkansas. Whew, I feel better already. Over the next two weeks we are going to pour over maps to determine the best routes and roads that the Arrowhead region has to offer. At that point, we'll decide if we are camping, hoteling or sleeping on the front lawn of the local high school. That was Jen's idea. So stay tuned, but remember the dates are June 12-16, 2010. Elmer is fired up and so should you. Look at how excited he is.....


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