Monday, March 1, 2010

So, it's March 1 already....

and I've already chipped out a path in the layers of very compacted and frozen snow on my driveway. As many know, my driveway presents a challenge of ability when it's not frozen over. But since I am the optimistic sort, like a Coast Guard ice breaker, I am forging a channel to the road below. The neighbors don't think that I am "right" as I've also started to sweep away the accumulated sand on the sloped alleyway. With a little more help from my good friend, Mr. Sun, here's to the nearing start of the 2010 Motorcycle Season.

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  1. Do your shoulders hurt? I paid the price earlier this winter by trying to do that. Anything to get that damn bike out of the garage huh? How about this, does THIS look fun? Look at all the photos: