Saturday, May 15, 2010

Houston County....

Little Timmy and I got a chance to bust loose for the day. (I promised the Fair Marie that my weekend would be divided thus: one day for riding and the other for projects around the estate.) Nothing against Wisconsin roads, but we ride the ABCs a lot. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to ride down to Winona and Houston counties, and today was the day. All in all, you can string along a pretty decent route on the Minnesota side of the river. Sure, there may be a few stretches of pavement that are straight for 20-miles, but there is no shortage of twisty roads. I still contend that Houston Co. Roads 4 and 10 are two of the best in the region. Not a lot of traffic; decent pavement. (There is about a half-mile stint of gravel on Co. 10 that crosses a bridge, but it's been like that for years for some reason or another.) And Hwy 76 between Houston and Caledonia, is one of the most kinked-up stretches of road out there. (Too bad we had a LEO in front of us.) We racked up about 300 miles, and still managed to miss other county highways that I recall being good to ride. Sounds like another ride down there will soon be in order.


  1. That was my first all day ride of the season. I'm really sore!

    Lil' Timmy


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