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Notes, observations, musings and other nonsense from Indy....

The good: Generally the people of Indianapolis are a friendly lot.
The bad: Except for the thieves who stole Jeff's bike 20-yards from the hotel's front door.
More bad: the front desk staff at the Airport Ramada; pretty much they told Jeff in so many words after the theft of his motorcycle: "not our problem. Now, go away." Essentially, the hotel did nothing to help Jeff. You guys suck.
The good: Ducati Island. When nearly all bike manufacturers are pulling the plug on promo efforts during these turbulent economic times, it was good to see that Ducati went all out. Ducati Island was a more popular destination on the infield that included not only bike displays, vendors, local clubs, but an autograph session with Nicky Haden (I got me one. hahahahaha); a fashion show and a dedicated Ducati seating area along turn one.
The bad: a young rider lost his life on the track Sunday morning. This happended during a race for the USGP Rider's Union series, which is a feeder program for US GP racing efforts.
The good- Lamar, our waiter at the Steak and Shake. He epitomized a great attitude and good service, and he was very polite. Our hats off to his mother for raising him right.
The good - A a flat track victory for Kawasaki on Saturday night at the Indy Mile's main event. It was also great to see Triumph and Ducati in the field.
The good - The Indiana State Police; the trooper only gave Adam a "fix it" ticket for his undertail license plate that was.... well..... not completely visable. Though he sneaked up on us in his steel-gray unmarked Ford Mustang; he was a nice guy. His mother, like Lamar's, raise him right.

Driving back home after the races on Sunday, it was damn near a speedway along the interstate from Indy to Chi-town. Driving through Chicago was crazy-chaotic. There is no easy way to get around Chicago that isn't white knuckle. The urban sprawl is amazing and it starts 30 or more miles away from the heart of the Windy City. And Gary, Ind., sorry, but you are still the butt hole of America.

Thanks to our new friends from Missouri who opened up their cooler to us. Though we clearly had not bought enough beer on Friday, they helped us through our difficult moment.

WTF is up with all the used tire shops around Indianapolis?

Umbrella girls are nice. It was hot; crowded and they managed to smile after literally thousands of photos with old guys and pimply faced teenaged boys. They are truly good sports.


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