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Flags are at half-staff here at the Ironworks Motorbike Club

In honor of Moto GP racer Marco Simoncelli who lost his life earlier today in a horrific crash at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Simoncelli was just 24 years old and a rising star in the circuit. He was 6th in the standings and took two podiums this year. For more on the story, check in with Superbike Planet, another fine website based in Red Wing:
Also more on the story here:

Scenes from Octoberfest/The Big Burn


And here is something random and totally unrelated to motorcycling.

Hard to believe there was advertising like this, but we do like the tallboys; 16 ounces of Milwaukee's finest swill...

Just a few more days until the 3rd annual Ironworks Octoberfest

So, get on down to Bill's house with your favorite Octoberfest beer and we will have a hearty laugh at the foo foos who show up with their watered down to nothing girly-boy limp livered light froo froo beer. I didn't want to invite them, but the Fair Marie made me. So that only means that we will have more to drink of the stuff that will melt yer tongue and singe your eyeballs. If you're looking for a glass of waa waa, go talk to your mommy.

And on a serious note, please tell those who are coming to bring a donation to help a club member whose son was seriously injured in an accident (unreleated to motorcycling). Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


Whoooa. What a weekend it was

And the nice weather will continue on for the rest of the week, which is fabulous for us as we keep that riding season extended. And don't forget, there are social functions a-plenty. A kick ass end of summer party this weekend at Christian's and a kick-ass welcome to fall Octoberfest party at Bill's on the 15th. Whoop whoop.