Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why I Ride, Part 3.....

I’ve always been a fan of two wheels. I all started when I got my new yellow Schwinn Stingray for my birthday. I rode that thing everywhere. I remember getting the speedometer installed, with help from my Dad, and breaking the “20” mph limit for the first time. I started to venture out with my new bike and eventually rode it to school, the YMCA, and the local swimming pool. I was free! Well some thug ended up stealing my prized Schwinn from the YMCA. I immediately went to the police and reported it stolen. I had memorized the serial number – crazy!
Soon after, I started riding mini bikes (throttle rigged full open), dirt bikes (mostly my brother’s 100 Indian), and racing BMX. When I was 16, I bought an 82 Honda CB750F Super Sport for $1200. That was the end of my BMX days!
Between 1989 and 2002 was the “Dark Era” when I didn’t have a motorcycle. I don’t like to talk about it.
Spring of 2002 I decided to get another bike. I called my insurance agent and ask him to give me a quote for a ZX6R. I was waiting for a call at work and it never came. I got home, walked in the door and heard, “ You ain’t getting it!” Getting what? I asked. “The motorcycle” Michelle said. After some civilized discussion I went down to Plainview and picked out my new “Green” ZX6R!
I guess, for the same reasons I loved my Stingray, I like riding motorcycles for these main reasons:
Speed and agility – it’s fun being a little scared.
The adventure and freedom it offers – just driving around was never this fun!
The exposure to the elements – temperature changes, the smells, etc.
The fun we have together as a group – thanks to you all!

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