Thursday, June 21, 2012

Walt Ride 2012 is one for the books...

Fast facts on Walt Ride 2012: (sorry for the delay in getting this and some photos posted; part of a neighbor's tree took out my cable service.)

Miles covered: 1828:
     Day 1: Red Wing to Gettysburg, SD - 421 miles
     Day 2: Gettysburg, SD to Custer, SD - 287 miles
     Day 3: Custer, SD to Devils Tower, Wyo. - 275 miles
     Day 4: Custer, SD to Needles Highway; Iron Mountain Road,  Custer State Park, Nemo, SD - 190
     Day 5: Custer SD to Souix Falls, SD - 394
     Day 6: Souix Falls, SD to Red Wing, MN - 261

The bikes: (includes two bikes that covered part of the trip)
     BMW GS1200 - Sir Robert
     BMW 1150R - Little Timmy; aka Race Bannon
     Honda VFR 800 - Thor
     Honda VFR 800 - Paul & Amanda
     Honda VTX 1300 - Brett
     Triumph Sprint 955 - Bill
     BMW K1200 GT - Mark
     Yamaha FZ1 - Scot
     Yamaha FJR1300 - Christian
     BMW GS1150 - Ron
     Ducati 750 - Neal

Parks visited: Devils Tower, Custer State Park, Minuteman Missile Historic Site, Badlands, Black Hills, Ben Ash Memorial and we drove past Mount Rushmore.

Close encounters with large animals - 0
Animals spotted along the roads (at safe distance): donkey, buffalo, prairie dog, antelope; horse
Accidents - 0
Gas misadventures- 1
Mechanical failures - 0
Loose chains - 1
New friends met- 2
Misguided comments about Aerostich suits - 1 "Hey, you going snowmobiling in that thing?"
Beers consumed - lost count
Bugs splattered - millions

Various scenes:

Tim does his best Ben Ash impersonation at the Ben Ash Memorial site.

Thor keeping an eye out for trees

Paul exhibits the the fire dance that he learned from the locals

Rob properly recycles a plastic bag in the fire pit.
.Thor, a man of many talents, show everyone how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper, a lighter or a crushed beer can. All were amazed.

A much deserved toast and beer at the end of the ride

Devil's Towner; No UFOs or Richard Dreyfus sightings

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