Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Indy by the numbers: part 2

Facts and figures:

GP Winner - Dani Pedrosa

Aging-tarted-up hookers encountered - 4

traveling insurance adjusters partied with - 1

Airline pilots partied with - 1 (he, too, was attending the race)

Indian hotel magnets introduced to: 1 (and he was from either Florida or New Jeresey. He talked fast.)

Expressos consumed at Ducati Island by four people over three days - 953

People Rob talked to: 17,438

Italian Super Models spotted - 1

Gin and Tonics consumed - 953

American racers entered in the GP - 5

Predominent color of Ducati motorcycle - red

Free t-shirts scammed - 0

People who got sick from eating at the Indianapolis Denny's - 1 out of 4

Hotel water glasses accidently broken - 0

Hotel water glasses accidently brought home - 1

Buckets of ice used to keep beer cold - 38

Italians who ignored us - 54

People from our group smuggled into the paddock area - 1

Cost of a Foster's Lager at the track - $7

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