Sunday, August 12, 2012

Speedfreaks, umbrella girls, gin&tonics and total mayhem await

Tighten your socks and batten down the hatches, because as of Thursday, it's on. A delegation of representatives from the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club will be sent to the Redbull Moto GP weekend in fabulous Indianapolis, Ind., which by the way, hosts the finest array of used tire stores across the fruited plains. (It's also HQ to the Pork Fritter Association of America). As it stands, we have yet to see anything on two wheels move faster than a Moto GP bike shooting down the front stretch of America's most fabled racing venue. It'll make your hair stand on end; it's like watching the devil hisself chasing down sinners. Not kidding, neither. No sir.  Days at the track will be capped off by the usual suspects causing the usual mayhem under the sloppy spell of Schlitz tallboys; disproportionately mixed G&T's and crappy bourbon. Tim will be making a new dance video for sure; just key in the buzz phrase,"Wud up with dat?" Though we're staying at another hotel due to booking "issues" and the restraint order still being in effect, we're looking forward to meeting up with our old friends from Missouri/Kansas, and meeting new ones.

What? Umbrella girls at Indy?

Ok, here is the obligatory motorcycle picture.

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