Sunday, October 7, 2012

We need some rain, damn it.

Officially due to a lack of rain, all fires - intentional, recreational and otherwise - have been banned in Goodhue County by the Sheriff's department due to the very dry conditions. Sooo if the ban stays in place through the weekend, we may need to proceed without the burning-of-the-object (which has been carefully constructed in Bill's garage.) I put out feelers for postponing the annual Ironworks Motorbike Club October fest party, but the masses revolted and stated: The show must go on. And so it shall in one form or another. (Plus, I've already got plans to get the beer next Saturday: a 15 gallon keg of Bud Super Duper Light....) Stayed tuned because there very well could be a change of venue for next Saturday's event. In the meantime, think rain Monday through Friday but not Saturday.

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