Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is this it?

I think not, dear Holmes. Yesterday,by fluke of nature, we hit the low 70s. Damn nice for early November. So, Little Timmy, Paul S., Sir. Robert, Christian and myself gathered up for a nice little back road blast. Started out rather steamy as the roads were damp and the humidity high. Low slung clouds skirted along the horizon, giving he day a post apocalyptic vibe. However by the time we made our obligatory stop for a cuppa joe in Pepin, the clouds gave way to more sun and warmth. We talked motorcycle trash for a bit, and made off for a back road blast home. Too bad about that daylight's saving thing; starts getting darker earlier around here. The consensus may be that this was it. our final ride of the season as some talked about getting ahead of the game and getting the bike stored before the bad stuff sets in. Others are already eyeing a warm up scheduled by the National Weather Service for next week. Hmmmmm. The saga continues, but I for one am ready for some more riding just yet.

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