Saturday, December 1, 2012

3rd Street Brewhouse

So, there we were, minding our own business at another Ironworks Motorbike Club happy hour at Kelly's, which by the way has a good line of craft beers (please note happy hour is from 4-6 pm and not randomly made-up times/days like the other place in the Armory basement that is named after my wife and tends to smell like toilet-juice and fish sticks,) when the rep from 3rd Street Brewhouse (Coldspring, MN.) approached our table. He got to talking beer with Christian and the rest is history. He left and returned with some swag: t-shirts; stocking hats, etc., as he was working diligently to promote his brewery's offerings. The beer was pretty good, and it got Christian and I to talking about Walt Ride 2013: perhaps another brewery tour-ride, this time in Minnesota. Hmmmmm. Think about it.

Link to 3rd Street Brewhouse:

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