Saturday, April 27, 2013

I want a Harley.....

Ten things I learned about Iowa on a road trip to pick up a motorcycle

1) There are a lot of towns with the word "Cedar" in it. Oddly, there are not a ton of trees in Iowa.
2) Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill.
3) There is no Caribou Coffee in Faribault, MN.
4) There is a casino on I-35 just inside the Iowa border. Literally, there is nothing else around it. And the buffet shuts down at 10 p.m.
5) The city of Waterloo is Iowa's version of Detroit.
6) It is far greener this time of year in Iowa than in Minnesota
7) Iowa is not nearly as flat, as least from I-35 east, as one would imagine.
8) It takes about 3.5 hours to get to Marion, Iowa from Faribault, MN.
9) Drunk people eating at Perkins after 1 a.m. is a universal practice.
10)Templeton Rye whiskey is da-bomb. And it is made in Iowa.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This just in from Austin, Texas...... Standby, please.

Our man in the field Sir. Robert, brings to the masses an insider's look at the MotoGP race at the Circuit of the America's track near Austin, Texas, from last weekend. He was granted top level access from sources at Dorna/Moto GP with ties to the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club.
GP rider Jorge Lorenzo or Lorentho...

Gimpy rider with hot babe.

American racer Nicky Hayden

View behind the cockpit

Valentino Rossi, a close and personal friend to members of the Red Wing Ironworks Club, who has visited us in Red  Wing many, many times over the years.

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's on....

Yes sir, it is snowing outside as I write this. Rumors have it that five inches or better could bless pretty Red Wing by the morning. Where is the upside in all of this, you ask? This weekend. Predicted highs will be 60 to 70. Whadduya think of that, Mr. Frosty Snowman? We think you can bite it. Plans will be afoot for a ride. And if it is does snow this weekend, this guy promises to go beat the shit out of the weather. He is way badder than Chuck Norris.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Roll out the red carpet

Here is your chance to be involved in a movie premiere and it is in Northfield. For those who like details, here you go. Plans are afoot to attend. Perhaps a social hour beforehand?

We're excited to announce the Premiere and Northfield Premiere of GIRL MEETS BIKE.  Shot in Northfield in the summer of 2011, the story follows a young high school shop teacher through a summer of motorcycle love when she buys her first motorcycle with her wedding dress money.  
The Minneapolis premiere is at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival and the Northfield Premiere will be at Carleton College Weitz Cinema theater.  Showtimes below (A note on story content:  GIRL MEETS BIKE would be an "R" movie if rated, with brief nudity and language.  It's quite mild by today's TV standards, but may be unsuitable for minors.)

6:30pm, Friday 26 April 2013
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival 
St. Anthony Main Theaters 
115 SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55414 
Purchase tickets at TICKETING LINK below 
($12 for fest tickets--purchase online recommended).

7pm - Saturday 11 May 2013
Carleton/Northfield Community Premiere
Carleton College Weitz Center Cinema
320 3rd St, Northfield, MN 55057

Arrive early to get seats!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Interesting blog....

Yes, with Harley content, and, yes, with a lot of chopper content. But it is old skol cool chopper content, none of that Orange County BS.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finally, a little riding

The Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club official riding season has begun: a little late, but nevertheless underway. A short ride around the river that ended with Moto GP action at Sir Robert's and a pull on the best damn rest rye whiskey ever; Templeton. And Tim officially got the first "kill" of the season; a little birdy flew headlong into his BMW. Feathers everywhere; a truly ugly sight.

From The Dept. of Stuff To Do

This afternoon at 5 p.m. be at the Red Wing ELC (Environmental Learning Center) to hear about Doug’s motorcycle trip to Vietnam last summer....