Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Very Boring Rally in pictures

No bee stings to the head, I made my first VBR in Duluth. Looking forward to going again in five years.
Fisticuffs are the norm in the VBR campsite as far as it goes for members of the Ironworks Motorbike Club

Rob did not hear banjo music; he created the banjo music

Very nice HRD Vincent Black Shadow. Rare. Don't touch. Tim did and got arrested.

VBR rally grounds. More tents on the other side of lodge. And in the trees. And elsewhere.

Old Skool trials bike

Trials rider goes up rocky slope

The VBR's version of an umbrella girl

Bultaco getting ready to make the climb 
Please meet Harvey Danger

The latest in adventure cases;  made by some company call SalVal

Mr. Happy and Mr. Happy. And Mr. Not-So-Happy

Mr. Happy is a photo whore

Little Timmy waxing poetic over a stogie.

Paul going for the last drops in discarded beer bottles. Hey, nice Norton, tho.

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