Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here by popular demand is Corsica.

A wonderful little island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy but actually ruled by  none-other than France. Whoa, bet you did not know that? See, you can actually learn something at this blog that isn't blather about motorcycles and booze. Anyhow, our foreign correspondent Paul S.took a lovely trip there this fall and discovered that the island that gave birth to Napoleon is also full of motorcycle culture. Here is a look:

Well traveled BMW

The next bike Christian plans to buy

Twisty mountain roads? Right here, Bub

Large animals that like to rest in or near the road.

Expensive bikes and boats. Probably owned by Euro-trash.

Tight one way roads; can you say pucker factor 10?

Some Euro dude. And of course he is on a Beemer.

The new Grom. Which in French means Grom. No one really knows what it's name means.

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