Sunday, February 15, 2015

Walt Ride 2015... What? Already?

Here is the tentative outline for Walt Ride '15. Standby for details......

June 5: Depart Red Wing for Fond Du Lac (sleep on Mark's front lawn).
June 6: Road America for AHRMA races/events
June 7: TBD
June 8: TBD
June 9: Return to Red Wing/home.

The TBD can be camping again in Richland Center, Wis., which is at the epicenter of the ABC twisty stuff sorta riding that we love. Or New Glarus (there's a lot of beer there). Or some other locale we have not visited, like East Beloit.

Go here for race details: 20 bucks for the day: cheap.

Since we are gathering at Scot's Saturday for motorcycle movie night, we can further discuss the TBD stuff.

Here is map of where we will travel:

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