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Birthday today

and it's this guy....

Went for a ride today....

with the most Unique Man in Red Wing. And he wound up on my porch for a martini.

Random motorcycle image(s) of the day.....

From the Wheels of Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC

BSB 2013... Getting some air

Once again another video link of some good stuff across the Pond. Across the Pond? Get it?

It's no secret......

....that we like our fancy-pants beer while sitting around the ol' Ironworks Clubhouse after a good, long ride. And it's also no secret that we toss back a few G&Ts and bourbons, too. But before any ride could ever materialize we need to swill gallons of coffee to get the gears in motion. Though specifically we could never come up with the reasons why - we knew something was good and wholesome about a strong cup o' joe. And there are motorsickle riding benefits, too. After 18 cups of coffee who couldn't ride any motorsickle but fast?  So here it is, a link to why coffee is freaking awesome. (We really like the one about coffee counter acting the ill-effects of booze.)

This will make you pucker

We get awfully darn excited about the Isle of Man TT around here. High speeds, public roads, buildings, trees, walls and spectators mere feet away from all out velocity. Here is a lap around the course with Michael Dunlop.

Bourbon caper solved?

Since we damn near like bourbon here at the ol' Ironwork's Clubhouse as much as we like our motorsickles, we've been known to take a pull or three from a good (and often times not so good) bottle of bourbon. A while back, it was reported that someone stole a lot of the good stuff from  the Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey distilleries in Kentucky. The mystery may have bee solved and the cops have busted a bourbon theft ring. We can now rest easier at night.

Random Motorcycle photo of the day

A GoPro and a Wisconsin backroad

Our first, but very, very short, movie production ever. Haha

Spring Flood Run in pictures

Flood Run '15

The plan is to meet 0930 tomorrow at Caribou Red Wing for coffee, cuss words, half truths and completely made up stories. We will drink ourselves silly, get all hepped up on caffeine and go ride some roads in and around the Flood Run zone. Special guests may be on hand. Be there or be stuck cleaning the basement with your mother in-law.

Random Motorcycle Picture of the day

Officially properly tagged

Only flat surface on a Tiger 800XC is the lower fork protector. What the?

Stuff to do next Saturday.

Flood run.  This Saturday, April 18. You know the drill; ride around the lake VERY SLOWLY in a long line of like-branded cruisers. Stop at every bar and compare chaps and black motorcycles.  Feign biker toughness. Arrgggh. Where's my Bud Lite, matey? (And Tim, it really is this Saturday. No kidding neither.) Otherwise, twisty back roads are always free and clear for decent riding.


Who got out this weekend?

Good weather is afoot.

It's a rainy,crappy, gloomy day and I got nothing for you

but a shit pile of random motorcycle pictures. Enjoy.

Reliability of what you ride

A very very short story via link right here.

At the top of the heap? It comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Aerostich dog bed unveiled......

This just in from the Wisconsin bureau

Apparently the Black Earth Library is into bikes, because they're hosting the following three events:Sunday, April 26, 2pm: 38 Years of Motor Journalism with Peter Egan Saturday, May 2, 10am: Screening of American Cafe' (a Slimey Crud Run Film Fest!)  Saturday, June 27, 2pm: Sit, Stay Ride: The story of America's sidecar dogs; with guest appearances by Rhonda Reynolds and her dog, Mooloo. wish our library in Red Wing was this cool.

It's this guy's birthday....

Drinking and such