Sunday, May 24, 2015

Riding alone

So I had the chance to ride down the Minnesota side of the river yesterday. With some planning, you can put together a darn entertaining route between here and Iowa. I had the chance to ride mostly alone and I rather enjoyed it. Sure, it's fun to ride in a group (so long as everyone is on the same page with riding skills, etc.) But there is something in the self sufficiency of riding by yourself. You can go as fast or slow as you'd like; you can stop and see stuff you ordinarily just blow past on usual group rides; bomb down a gravel road or two; (I've got an ADV bike now and I had never taken the exit off Hwy. 61 for the Snake Creek Trail south of Kellogg, MN. The trail is definitely geared for dirt bikes but it was fun to ride the gravel road all the way to Hwy. 42.) You can talk to people, you can ignore people. You can join a pack of other riders or blow 'em off. Wave; don't wave. In the spirit of riding alone, here is the suggestion: pick a day with no time limits; don't tell your friends or family where you are going; leave the stupid GPS at home. Fuel up, pick a direction and see where you land.


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