Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wheelie fails.....

Fun to watch; not so good for the collective's insurance rates, tho.

2015 Ironbutt Rally started yesterday.

Nothing like timely headlines around this place. No wonder I don't work in the news business any more. Updates and such, go here.


Survived a long vacation with the family out East that included a wedding. Whew

Now back to the business at hand here on the blog. Got some catching up to do. In the spirit of vacations, here you go.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Ride To Work Day

This is how this works:
1) Wake up
2) Shower
3) Coffee
4) Let the dog out
5) Give groggy wife goodbye kiss
6) Go to work on motorcycle

Rather simple.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two important things of note

1) Antique Motorcycle Club of America Viking Chapter show at the MN state fairgrounds is this weekend. You have better things to do than to mow your grass and pick up dog pooh from the lawn; This show is one of 'em. Get there. http://www.vikingmc.org/


2)Ride To Work Day is Monday. If you are a candy-ass, you'll drive your car. And that would be stupid.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Walt Ride '15; round two.

A day at the AHRMA races/Rockerbox fest at Road America, 'Sconsin, yo. During Walt Ride 2015, double yo.

Walt Ride '15 pictures: round one

1.1 million miles and counting.

Your Ironworks Motorbike Club Action Force Eyewitness News Team One at the scene of the nun fire in Fond Du Lac.

Old Triumph at the AHRMA Races in at Road America.

Stunt show at Road America

Dorks  being dorks

Harley Museum- Milwaukee

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Walt Ride 2015 is history, amigos

The break down:

Miles covered: 1100
Bikes: 3 BMWs; 1 Kawasaki; 1 Honda; 1 Suzuki; 1 Yamaha; 1 Triumph
Abandoned convent fires: 1
Close encounters with critters: 3 deer; 2 gophers; 1 muskrat; 1 vole
Bratwurst consumed: 33 1/3
Pirate bars visited: 1
States visited: Minnesota and Wisconsin
Mechanical issues: 0
New Glarus beer consumed: classified
Museums visited: 2 - Harley Davidson in Milwaukee; Taliesin in Spring Green.
Free t-shirts obtained by bored lady with large boobs: 5

It ain't Father's Day....

Unless yer kids brought you to the Blind Lizard rally on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis. A few from yesterday's gathering. We ran into s...