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MNSS weekend in pictures.

Minnesota North Shore Shindig, way up in the Arrowhead region, this past weekend. Adventure bike ride based out of Finland, MN. It is to the Arrowhead region what the Driftless area is to SE Minnesota/west-central Wisconsin; endless twisty gravel roads. Was advised that newbies should partner-up. Believe it; this is a very remote area of Minnesota and any sort of break down or mishap means you are walking miles to the nearest anything or spending a very cold night out in the deep woods; (It got down to the low 30s on Friday night.) I think this is some of the most physically demanding riding I've done in a very long time. A big thanks to the guys up north for putting this thing on, and to Mike, our guide, who mother -henned us rookies back to camp safe and sound after a solid day of riding. Thankfully Rob's Beamer and my Triumph made it back home none the worse for wear. Met a lot of great people from all walks of life, for sure.

....And on another official club proclamation: PBR is now officially banned from consumption by anyone in the club. Trust me on this one. You bladder will thank you.


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A few from the North Shore Shindig in Finland, MN

Yep, it's way up there in the Arrowhead. For those of you who don't know what that is; it's the pointy area of northern Minnesota along Lake Superior. And there is a shit ton of gravel, fire roads, single track - and thanks to a lot of rain -a lot of mud and puddles. Fun as hell? Ya, you betcha. Am I tired this Sunday eve? Ya, you betcha. A good time was had by all.

We like Junior

You like Junior. Everyone should go see Junior.

Junior Brown at the Sheldon this Sunday

So let it be written, so let it be done.

It is hereby proclaimed that the riding season officially started today. That is all from the high command.