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Walt Ride schedule

Peeps have been asking, so here you go:

Sat, June 11- Red Wing to Valentine, NE
Sun, June 12 - Valentine, NE to  Scottsbluff, NE
Mon. June 13 -TBD
Tue, June 14 - TBD
Wed, June 15 - TBD
Thurs, June 16 - TBD
Fri, June 17 - Scottsbluff, NE to the Sioux City greater metropolitan area.
Sat, June 18 -S.C. to Red Wing

Will post routes later, but generally going out we shall travel along Hwy. 20 westward; and the return trip through the middle of the state. The TBD days: expect a day-trip into Colorado; a day of hanging around Scottsbluff with Timmy the tourguide; the other days local riding to see such things as Carhenge and whatnot. I will also post more details later about lodging. Tim is checking on some cabins to rent in a state park near Valentine.

Colombian bridge engineering 101....

Pucker factor? About 100.

Isle of Man ain't got nothing on the Ulster GP

Did I just say that? Watch the video.

Moto Mania 2016

It will happen the weekend after the Walt Ride 2016 at the Steele County Fairground in Owatonna. We went last year and it was a blast. The formula is simple: one part party; one part dirt track free-for-all. There will be dirt

While we usually don't rant and rave about.....

the helmet debate, we gear up from top to bottom when we ride, It's just that simple. If you believe that your skull alone serves as the perfect piece of protective gear, it's hard to argue with that logic. Sorta like using a toaster in the bathtub; some peeps simply think that's a grand idea. Have fun with that one. Anyway, no grandstanding here, just a couple of articles to read and ponder. Michigan recently repealed it's mandatory helmet law and - surprise, surprise - injuries and deaths have gone up.

Crash without a helmet on?

Going somewhere on a motorcycle this summer?

Get some damn free maps right here, Bub. 'Course you'll probably get a mailbox full of stoopid travel guides to waterparks in Toledo, but free is free, man. (If you use GPS, this link is useless.)

Our favorite sport......

Roller derby; this Saturday. Minnesota Roller Girls at the Roy in St. Paul.
The details:

Read all about it.....

We at the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club consider ourselves trend setters. Why it was just two weeks ago we sat down and planned out our 34th annual 2016 Walt Ride with our sights set on western Nebraska. And wouldn't you know it, "Rider" magazine, in the Feb. 2016 edition, has a story about - what the hell else? - riding to western Nebraska. Karma is awesome; it's not nearly as bitchy as everyone sez it is.
The link is to "Rider" fav rides, but the actual article has not been posted here yet.

Where we go for coffee.....

Random Motorcycle photo of the day

Walt Ride 2016 dates are set

The executive committee of the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club has set June 11-18, 2016 as the date for the 56th annual Walt Ride. This will be a foray into western Nebraska with Scott's Bluff  as the main destination. Little Timmy has put together a back road route that will take us through the scenic areas of northern Nebraska and some historic sites of interest. (There will be no interstate. Repeat, there will be no interstate.). There is also talk of a short venture into Colorado. Finite details yet to come. This will be a quasi-camping ride with some state park overnights.  Now that you know the dates, make sure you tell your boss to piss off that week as you will be on an epic motorcycle ride.

Need a good movie to see on Jan. 14?

Do you like motorsickles? Well then, here you go, Rufus.

The snow out there made me think of Bonneville Salt Flats

You know.... giant expanses of white. It's sorta like Red Wing only the hills are larger in the background. Otherwise, it's another boring weeknight and I got nothing.

If you like them apples, watch more here on Vimeo for a buck.

Try as we may.....

We missed this one. That happens when you live in a hilly town; and your drive is pitched at 20 degrees, receives little direct sunlight this time of year and is covered in ice. (Love the Tiger, love to ride, but I am not that desperate to crash it over this...) But KARE 11 TV was there for the annual I-Cycle derby in Mpls. Also, check out some pix on the Gophers and Cheese blog. Linky to the righty.