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Too much time on your hands?

Not for this guy: Uber Grom.

This just in from the Department of No Shit

So long, Prince

And of course, details on his iconic ride from "Purple Rain".

Dean Martin

Motorcycle bad ass. Yep.

Potpourri of motorcycle stuff

Never, ever, woulda thunk we'd use the word "potpourri" on this motorsickle blog. And for you hicks, it's a French word for dried flowers or "all kinds of stuff." In this case, it's the latter. Der.

New movie:

A news story about fucktards doing stooopid things.

And more news about some dude named (not kidding) Topher. (Seriously, your parents must not have liked you very much....)

Pictures from the 1,000,000th Flood Run; brought to you by Sudz Beer

This guy for President

Too bad he lives in Australia. Damn it.

Flood Saturday.

Here is a proposal: meet somewhere for breakfast; ride somewhere after. Sounds goods, no? Details (maybe) to follow.


Jumping outta airplanes with motorcycles.

No Red Bull stunt; Air Force Special Forces. The only motorcycle club that comes with a B-52.