Sunday, June 19, 2016

Walt Ride by the numbers...

Total miles -2,300

States covered: Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado (some others went on to Seattle and Illinois post Walt Ride.)

Bikes: 3 BMWs; 1 Triumph; 1 Kawasaki; 1 Yamaha; 1 Honda.

Federal Parks visited: 2 - Rocky Mountain National Park and Scottsbluff National Park. State parks included Niobrara State Park (cabin the first night); Chimney Rock State Park, Nebraska; State Forest State Park, Colorado (another cabin for the night).

Ironbutt rides: 1, Brett covered 1,000 plus miles in about 19 hours in a mad dash from Duluth to Scottsbluff (and then some).

Mechanical matters: 1; an intermittent speedo,

Animal collisions: 1 bird; and one close call with a mountain goat who was of the mind that "we" were in his way.

Best line from from a convenience store clerk: "Sir, I will scan your nuts."

Harley parade encounter: 1 upon the return to Red Wing

Bugs annihilated as measured in pounds: 942.6

Most interesting question about Aerostich Roadcrafter suit: "Are those fire fightin' britches?"
Second most: "You guys astronauts or something?"

Official bourbon: Evan Williams

Roadside attractions visited: 1: Carhenge in Alliance, Neb.

Temperature variation as recorded by Scot's FJR thermometer: 67-degrees. High temp was 104-degrees; low was 37.

Highest elevation reached: 11 ,800 feet.

Highest point in Iowa: 1,670- Hawkeye Point near Sibley, Iowa.

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