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Pot Pourri. Yes, I've used that headline before. So what?

Here's a good read on a memorial deep in the Mojave that honors fallen desert riders.

One arm and he still kicks ass.....

Scenes from the Antique Archeology store in Nashville, TN

Rife with motorsickle stuff..

Doing our civic duty.....

Try as we may to keep it mostly to motorcycle content here in the editorial offices high atop the Acme Incorporated Tower in down town metropolitan Red Wing, we certainly dig some music. The more varied, the better. (I am on a Willie Dixon tear at the moment.) Looking for a reason to ride to Red Wing, have a beer in the park and kick it back to some good bands? Well, get off your ass and make it happen Saturday. And it's free, you cheap bastards.

Been a little busy around here lately.

Here is some stuff from the Dept. of Things To Do:

1) July 15-17:Biker Co-op's 36th annual motorcycle rally. I went last year and this event is a blast. You are guaranteed to meet someone new and interesting. Sadly, I can't make this one. Blue River, Wis. Camp at Eagle Cave Natural Park.

2) July 23: Dirty Side Down Motorcycle Show Off
311 Club in Minneapolis. A bearded lady motorcycle freak show alternative? Damn, we're game.

There you go, Francine. Now stop yer whinning.

Snake Creek Trail near Kellog

No snakes, but lots of ruts and mud. Great for a four wheeler; challenging for two.