Monday, August 29, 2016

Motorsickle Hill Climbing Bad Assery...

Right here in RW, no less. Duh. It's not like we don't have any hills around here. Sept. 17 and 18th at the Indianhead Motorcycle Club hillclimb grounds in Red Wing. Drags will be held Saturday and a semi-pro climb on Sunday. The fun starts at noon both days. There will be dirt. Details, go here:

And if you insist on not leaving the state of Wisconsin due to your obstinate pride, you can always go to the Valley Springs Motorcycle Club's  hill climb this Sunday, Sept. 4 in Bay City. Why, that's just right across the river from Red Wing, and yes, there are hills over there, too. F**k the state fair this weekend, go see this shit instead. Way funner than eating a nasty corndog at a venue that smells like little kid vomit and yer aunt's BO.

Hill climbing; so bad ass it's just like those stories Gramps told you about being a B-17 waist-gunner during WW Two. 

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