Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stuff to do

North Shore Shindig: Sept. 8-11, Finland, MN. This is a great ride-your-own-thang ADV ride on the splendid shores of the Big Lake (That would be Lake Superior, for you down-range types.) Great group of peeps to spend a weekend with. We're in. Details and such, go here:

North Shore Shindig

And it's time to get this on the calendar, the 67th annual Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club's Big Burn. This is our version of Octoberfest complete with a probably-illegal moto-centric sculpture burning in a rather average size backyard fire pit. No problem. As usual, entertainment provided by Rush River Beer, your crappy jokes and sad stories we've all heard before. Celebrate another grand year of motorsickle riding.
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
DATE: Oct. 1
PLACE: Bill's

This post fully endorsed by Julie McCoy, the Activities Director
 for the Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club

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