Sunday, September 18, 2016

Great bike show put on by Konawerks in Mpls.

All kinds of goods stuff showed up; big bikes, little bikes and all sorts of crazy stuff in between. If you didn't go yesterday, well Bub, you missed out and you'd better get your ass there next year. We need more bike shows like this that are an alternative to the generic gathering of samey-same black Harleys. Don't get me wrong, there were some sweet Harley's present, but the cool old stuff that strikes more to the heart about riding vintage iron than promoting the "lifestyle." There is a difference and shows like this highlight all the crazy bikes out there and the do-it-yourself-ethos. Rant over. Anyhooo, this bike show was held in Grumpy's on South Washington and officially sponsored by Konawerks Hair Shop to promote prostate cancer awareness. Without further ado, photos, yo.

Cool helmet; ugly bike. Of course, it was in the Ugly Bike Category.

Very sweet vintage Honda, re-done top to bottom.

Bad ass dash.

We've seen this one before, but can't help taking pictures of it because it is so cool.

Don't be hatin'.

Didn't get the low down on this one, but probably the smallest bike at the show.

Whatever happened to hookers and blow? Times are changing.


Good crowd turned out.

Actually, a Benelli badged by Wards and sold stateside. See photo below....

And here is the entire bike in its original unrestored condition.
L.A.Nik rode this bad boy in. We thought the helmet was cool, too

This is what we're talking about, Willis.

L.A. Nik, author, entertainer, the unofficial Mayor of Minneapolis
 and all-around Benelli lover, with some schmoe from the Ironworks Motorbike Club.

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