Sunday, September 11, 2016

The true mark of a great weekend riding an adventure bike in the woods....

is returning home only to have your wife say that you "stink." It was another spectacular year for the North Shore Shindig adventure bike gathering at the Wild Hurst Lodge in Finland, MN. Why, that's way the hell up there, boys and girls, in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. (That's the pointy part that sticks out into the Big Lake.) Rumor had it that we rode about 275 miles of northwoods gravel, logging roads, state forest roads, single track stuff and other lumpy passages. We rode right up to the Canadian border (Sorta looks like the DMZ between North and South Korea but with waaaaay more trees.) Go again next year? Ya, you betcha. Without further ado, here is the weekend in pictures.

The Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike compound within the Wild Hurst campground. Rob hydrating with a Fat Tire.

Bikes muster at Our Place in Finland before going who the hell knows where.

And this is what who-the-hell-knows-where looks like. But it's pretty cool

Shawn of St. Cloud crossing a river whose name I did not get.

Bikes with smaller tanks, like mine, benefit from a strapped-on gas can that sports a warning label from your mother. Don't play with matches, kids 
Honestly, Officer, there is a license plate under all that crud.

Roadside repair to straighten out a bent gear shifter. Yes, tools are your best friend.

Flat tire surgery in the field. Forty minutes later, this guy was back in action.

Mutha... as in Dirty Mutha
Mike, one of the group leaders, spies some illegal Canadians sneaking across the border. We let them pass; they had beer and smokes.

Same picture as above, only without Mike.

This is the 2017 Harley low rider, introduced at the Shindig. So low, it has no seat. Hey, cool is cool, right?.... Just messing. Belongs to Jim and its his Sherco Trials bike, a riding sport he recently took up.

No idea what this is about.

Out there, somewhere.

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  1. Nice ride you guys! For 2 years in a row I figured that I'd make it but it's always on the wrong weekend for me. I'm heading up to the South Shore this weekend, will try and have as much fun as you guys did on the North.

    P.S. Nice to see you getting dirty!


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