Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Don't get all twisted in a knot, Willis

Yes, we know there is a cruiser in this video but it's our job to promote and report on all things motorsickle related that more or less happen in our fair city upon the river. Take your dose of Calm The F**k Down. It's in the medicine cabinet, upper right side. You'll be all right. It seems that Red Wing Shoe is partnering with Indian Motorcycle, also based in Minnesota,  to promote both boots and motorcycles. Well, imagine that, Cletus? Red Wing Shoes will make specially badged boots for Indian; and Indian will make a special bike for presentation at the Red Wing Shoe store in downtown Red Wing, which incidentally, is located right next to the Acme Incorporated Tower where - high atop - these very editorial offices are housed. Here is a link if you like to read stuff:

Red Wing Shoes and Indian Motorcycles

And here is a video if you like to watch TV...

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