Sunday, January 1, 2017

Because we don't ride snowmobiles, that's why

Scenes from today's 69th annual - yes, 69th annual - I-Cycle Derby in the Twin Cities. Derby HQ is Roy's Repair in Minneapolis with routes spanning across the Minneapolis and St. Paul. Could not ask for a better way to start 2017. This ride ain't about speed, it's all about timing and getting the lowest score. Think golf on motorcycles. We were happy in simply not getting lost. We managed. No matter, Team Strange put on a great show.

You meet the nicest people on a 70s era Honda scoot.

The second check point in St. Paul. Derp,skyline in the background.
Written instructions. Shouldn't be too hard to follow and
better than the instructions you'll ever get with that Ikea bookshelf.

Good assortment of bikes. Harleys to Vespas.

At the start line.

Very nice Suzook.

Sidehack with Mr. Happy.

Battle scooters.

Tribute to Steady Eddie or work in progress?  Both at Roy's Repair.

Heading for home with 70's era Vespa.

Lined up and ready to go.

Sir Robert on the line on the able KLX250. It's a beasty.

I do believe this guy won something. And he brought a passenger.

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